ZVM Gany Rangoonwala Trust - Pakistan

The Zuleikhabai Valy Mohammed Gany Rangoonwala Trust was founded in 1967 and operates out of Pakistan. The motto of the Trust is ‘Service to Humanity’ and its mission is to be involved in the long term and sustainable empowerment of communities through actively engaging in projects within education, health and arts and culture. A key aim of the Trust is to help those less fortunate to become self-reliant and there is an emphasis on vocational training for women.

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ZVM Rangoonwala Foundation UK

Founded in 1976, the ZVM Rangoonwala Foundation is a registered charity in the UK. It was set up by the Rangoonwala Foundation to donate to registered charities inside and around England, Scotland and Wales. ZVM Rangoonwala Foundation's objective is to provide financial support for exclusively charitable purposes - education, health, livelihood, art and with a strong focus on disability.

Rangoonwala Foundation India Trust

Rangoonwala Foundation India Trust (RFIT) was registered as a Public Charitable Trust in Mumbai in February 2003. It is a Mumbai based, non-political, not-for-profit development organisation committed to sustainable people-centred inclusive development. Their mission is to enable marginalised communities to become more vibrant and dynamic by engaging them in socio-economic development initiatives directed at building capacities, thereby 'helping people help themselves'. They have a development programme focused mainly on the issues of education, health, livelihoods and community services across population groups, including the multi-disabled.

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MAITS (Multi-Agency International Training and Support, www.maits.org.uk) is is a small charity that was set up to facilitate capacity-building amongst health and education professionals working in the disability sector in under-resourced countries; people mainly working with children with cerebral palsy, intellectual disability and autism. This is achieved mainly through supporting staff access to training and development, either from regional centres of expertise or from UK health and education professionals, who provide structured training and hands-on support through repeat visits. MAITS is therefore also involved in developing training resources as well well as tools to support disability work in under-resourced settings.

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Green Cardamom

Green Cardamom is a visual arts organisation based in London.  They develop new curatorial projects through exhibitions, publications, talks and other events, often working in collaboration with public museums and galleries.  Green Cardamom operates on a not-for-profit basis and is supported by the Rangoonwala Foundation.  The organisation's primary focus is international contemporary art viewed from an Indian Ocean perspective.  Green Cardamom's programme is informed by artistic practice in Pakistan, South and Central Asia, and the Middle East

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The World Memon Foundation

The WMF is an international charitable trust registered in the UK.  It was set up by a group of Memons to supplement the efforts of the Memon community across the world.  It's objectives are to alleviate poverty and increase opportunities for educational and vocational training.  To date, the WMF has built 27 rehabilition and community centres in India and vocational training centres in both Pakistan and South Africa.   

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